About this website

In the Lepenjica, May 2008

Who am I
My name is Han Vroon, I was born in 1960 in The Netherlands. My girlfriend Jet and I live together since 1991. During holidays we always find ourselves walking in nature, spending some extra time at nice places during the walks.
As an escape from the challenges from daily life these holidays become more and more important.

Our way to Slovenia
Early 2005 our female friend Ester who went kayaking on the Soča river many times told us that we should go to Slovenia because it would be our kind of environment to be and to explore.
Since then we spend our holiday in Slovenia…..

Why this website is set up
Throughout the years I made a lot of photos and gathered location and (GPS) track information about all the beautiful and remarkable places we went to. We started with a hiking book and after we did all the walks from that book I tried to find new waterfalls and nice walks on the internet.
That was not so easy. This kind of information is spread over many websites of all kind, mentioned on different maps that you can buy in different tourist offices. Often the exact location to start is difficult to find.
A few years ago I started thinking about making a website to share all my information with people that might be interested.
Just dropping photos on Google Earth as I did was not really satisfactory.
Knowing that there are many people who spend some time in the region without having information about all the beautiful places that are so nearby finally gave me the drive to start this website in 2013.

About the photos
All photos are taken by myself or Jet. The photos are not reworked to elevate them into art. Everything you see is as it is. Therefore they are not always the best photos of the location that you can find. It depends on the weather conditions and the time we had.
If you wonder about the amount of water you find when you are there, probably in summer time, almost all the photos are taken from the third week of May till the beginning of June. Usually rivers and waterfalls have more water then.

So here it is. The site that will contain all that I know now and hopefully more to come. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

​I am interested in feedback and all other kind of comments. Hearing from you will keep me motivated maintaining and expanding this site. So please find my address below. To avoid spam it is an image, so you need to type it over in your mailing application.
You can also visit the Facebook page and leave a note. ​Please like the page if you want to receive FB notifications of updates a few times a year, and some interesting messages about Slovenia.
On the NewsBlog page you will see what has been added and changed over time, I will add updates a few times a year.