Bohinj area

Bohinj area

This area covers the Bohinj area, Pokluka and some locations near Bled. Locations are ordered from north to south.
Banner: Bohinj lake from the bridge at Ribčev Laz.

Vintgar gorge

A very picturesque narrow gorge surrounded by steep slopes. An artificial walkway leads you along the Radovna river with rapids and little waterfalls. Despite of that artificial path the riverbed looks very natural.

Starting point: About 4,2 kilometers from the centre of Bled, close to Podhom
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Length: 3,5 kilometers
Height difference: 30 meters

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Pokljuška Soteska

This is a sort of circular walk in and along a gorge with very surprising natural sights along the way. Also a perfect walk on a rainy day because there is no section that can’t be done when everything is wet.

Starting point: Krnica, 6 kilometers from Bled
Duration: 1,5 hours
Length: 3,5 kilometers
Height difference: 260 meters

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This is a short climb to the most beautiful viewpoint of Lake Bled. You can do this walk as a circular walk with the most interesting path on the way back.

​Starting point: Bled, the southwest bank of the lake
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Length: 2,9 kilometers
Height difference: 210 meters

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The Viševnik is a popular destination at the eastern edge of the Julian Alps. Being on the top you have a 360 degrees view over the Pokljuka, the Bohinj mountain ridge, and last but no least an excellent view on Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. This is a circular walk, but you can walk to the top and back.

Starting point: Rudno polje (Pokljuka plateau)
Duration: 5 hours and 15 minutes (to the top and back: 3 hours and 15 minutes)
Length: 13,2 kilometers (to the top and back: 6,6 kilometers)
Height difference: 870 meters (to the top and back: 700 meters)

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​A short walk to the magnificent viewpoint Galetovec at the edge of the 500 meter high cliffs above Bohinjska Bela. As an alternative you can also do a four and a half hour circular walk to the Galetovec peak.

Starting point: Gorjuše between Bohinjska Bistrica and Bled, or from Bohinjska Bela
Duration: 55 minutes
Length: 2,4 kilometers
Height difference: 140 meters

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This is a relative short walk through a gorge along the river Ribnica with two waterfalls short behind each other at the end.

Starting point: Srednja vas v Bohinju
Duration: 1,5 hours
Length: 4,6 kilometers
Height difference: 110 meters

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Mostnica gorge, Voje valley

This walk first takes you along the deep picturesque gorge of the Mostnica river. Later on you walk through the meadows of the Voje valley to Slap Mostnice.

Starting point: Stara Fužina
Duration: 3,5 hours
Length: 12 kilometers
Height difference: 340 meters

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Dvojno jezero (Triglav lakes valley)

A beautiful and diverse path takes you to the start of the Triglav lakes valley. You will pass Črno jezero (black lake) along the way with Dvojno jezero (double lake) surrounded by an alpine scenery as destination.

Starting point: Parking at Dom Savica, Bohinj
Duration: 6 hours and 40 minutes
Length: 12,9 kilometers
Height difference: 1075 meters

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Črno jezero

This walk takes you up the exposed Komarča cliff with excellent views over the Ukanc basin and the Lower Bohinj Mountain Range, to arrive at the lowest Triglav lake surrounded by amazing scenery.

Starting point: Parking at Dom Savica, Bohinj
Duration: 3 hour and 15 minutes
Length: 4,6 kilometers
Height difference: 670 meters

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Slap Savica

Slap Savica is one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia. This is a short walk to a viewpoint. As an alternative, you can walk to the source of the waterfall, emerging from a cleft in the Komarča rock face.

Starting point: Parking at Dom Savica
Duration: 40 minutes
Length: 1,7 kilometers
Height difference: 130 meters

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Slap Grmečica

An easy short walk along meadows to a nice 7 meter high waterfall in beautiful surroundings. A hidden gorge lies just behind it.

​Starting point: Log v. Bohinju, close to Bohinjska Bistrica
Duration: 50 minutes (20 minutes extra for the gorge)
Length: 3,4 kilometers (300 meters extra for the gorge)
Height difference: almost level (60 meters for the gorge)

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This short walk along a nice forest path leads you to the famous viewpoint of Lake Bohinj.

Starting point: Ribcev Laz, Bohinj
Trip information
Duration: 55 minutes
Length: 3,3 kilometers
Height difference: 125 meters

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This is a walk to one of the peaks of the Lower Bohinj Mountain Range. The Vogel cable car takes you up to 1535 meter, making the walk to the 1922 meter high Vogel with magnificent views much easier.

Starting point: Ukanc at Lake Bohinj
Duration: 3 hours
Length: 9,8 kilometers
Height difference: 755 meters

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Izvir Bistrice

A walk through woods along unsurfaced forest roads to an impressive waterfall. Not very high, but very wide, with lots of water as long as there hasn’t been a dry period.

Starting point: Bohinjska Bistrica
Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Length: 6,6 kilometers
Height difference: 200 meters

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