Galetovec with the view, May 2015
The meadow with stable, May 2015
The ladders at Bohinjska Bela, May 2011
The forest road of the long walk, below the cliffs, May 2011

Galetovec - Details

At the eastern edge of the Pokljuka plateau, the 1265 meter high Galetovec peak offers fantastic wide views over the large Radovljica basin with Bled in the middle and the Karavanke mountain range in distance on the other end of the basin.
Don’t expect to see the Bled Island from there because the hill Osojnica is in the way.

This page describes the short version that starts along the road 905 on the Pokljuka plateau between Jereka and Spodnje Gorje. There is also a long version that starts from Bohinjska Bela, which is a nice circular forest walk. We did that walk four years ago in 2011 and I don’t have a detailed description, so it is offered here as an alternative.​

How to get there
From Bohinj:
In Bohinjska Bistrica drive the road to Bled. After the bridge over the Sava Bohinjka, turn left to Srednja vas and Jereka. Just before Jereka, turn right to Pokljuka, Koprivnik and Jereka. Drive this 905 road through Jereka and along Koprivnik and Gorjuše. This is a beautiful small road rising through the wide spread forests of the eastern side of the Pokljuka plateau.
Two kilometers after Gorjuše, watch for the kilometer post 5,0. About 200 meters after that there is a small parking on the right side of the road with a wooden signpost Galetovec, park there.
Note: short after Gorjuše there also is a signpost to Galetovec if you notice, ignore that parking.
From Bled:
On the main road in Bled, at the junction with traffic lights at Hotel Krim, take the 634 road to Spodnje Gorje and Pokluka. At the T-junction in Spodnje Gorje turn left to Pokljuka, Krnica and Zgornje Gorje.
Follow the 905 road to Pokljuka that rises to the Pokljuka plateau and soon you will drive through the wide spread forests of the plateau. In the forest, turn left to Bohinjska Bistrica at a junction where Rudno polje goes straight ahead. After that junction, watch for the kilometer post 4,5. About 300 meters after that, there is a small parking on the left side of the road with a wooden signpost Galetovec, park there.​

During the walk
The description is a little more detailed since the path is not well marked. At the parking, follow the path next to the signpost into the woods. After 170 meters there is a junction without signs. Take the path more level that goes to the right, not the one more uphill to the left. After a short while you reach a meadow. Cross it straight ahead, along the right side of a stable. There is a vehicle track coming from downhill, follow that track slightly uphill. Directly after you pass a wooden fence, go to the right on a path that enters the woods. There is a red-white dot on a tree at that point. From the fence the path climbs gently for 300 meters to the peak Galetovec.

The alternative long walk from Bohinjska Bela:
This is a brief description, you will probably need the GPS track that you can download below.
The starting point for the long version is Bohinjska Bela along the road from Bled to Bohinj. Find yourself a way to the climbing wall behind the centre, along the hills. That is where this version of the longer walk to Galetovec starts, there are other starting points.
​You first climb a few ladders of in total 30 meters next to the climbing wall. This walk is signposted with Galetovec here and there, but the GPS track will come in handy. You walk mainly though forest and along some meadows. It is a rather pleasant walk with one or two steep sections. After you reached Galetovec, the walk continues along another way back. The way back is about 2,3 kilometers longer but takes the same amount of time because you are walking downhill. After walking the way back for about two-thirds, while walking on a forest road for a while, the GPS track goes to the right down along a vague path to shorten walking time, after a while you reach another forest road that goes back to Bohinjska Bela.

Trip information
Short walk
Duration: 55 minutes
Length: 2,4 kilometers
Height difference: 140 meters
Long walk
Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Length: 15,1 kilometers
Height difference: 850 meters

Parking coordinates short walk: 46.327989,14.027562
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Parking coordinates long walk: 46.349587,14.066751
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Waypoints of both parkings and the top (Google KML): Download
Waypoints of both parkings and the top (GPX): Download
Track of the short walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the short walk (GPX): Download
Track of the long walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the long walk (GPX): Download

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