Bohinj-Izvir Bistrice

Izvir Bistrice
After a period of rain, May 2008
Izvir Bistrice
Much lesser water, May 2011
Along the first part, view to the northwest, May 2014
The forest road through the woods, May 2011
The temporary waterfall close to the end, May 2018

Izvir Bistrice - Details

A special place to be. Usually we spent an hour here without seeing anybody. Above the waterfall is the source of the river Bistrica. The first sign to this waterfall is in the middle of the woods. You start with a gentle climb across pastures and then walk through woods along unsurfaced forest roads until you reach this place.

In December 2017 a heavy storm has changed the the first part of the walk, changing the woods to a half open area. In 2019 the cleanup was finished and all the fallen trees were taken away.

How to get there
In Bohinjska Bistrica find your way to some big apartment buildings in the southwest part of the town. You can download two possible track for driving from the main road to the parking.
The street name to reach is Majhnova ulica, the walk starts at the end of that street. Almost at the end of the road, on the left site you see an apartment building where you can park.

During the walk
Back on the Majhnova ulica, walk further south until the end of the road.
Walk through a gate that has to be opened and closed to reach the meadows where you walk uphill in southern direction.
There are red-white dots at the beginning since the first part of the path is the same path as to the mountain Crna prst.
When you reach an unsurfaced road close to the woods, turn right. From there on there will be no red-white dots anymore. Follow the forest road through the woods.
There are three junctions along the way, two with signs to Izvir Bistrice. At the first Y junction with a new sign turn to the right. At the second junction with a yellow-white dot walk straight ahead. At the third y junction with an old wooden sign at an open spot turn right.
Almost at the end of the walk, when you reach the right bank of the Bistrica river, there might be a temporary waterfall with a small river in your way, especially after lots of rain.
In that case be cool, take off your shoes and continue.
Not far from there the forest road ends and there are two bridges. Use the second bridge. The sign at the bridge states that you pass it on your own risk, but this is a fine bridge.
After a few minutes up and down along the left bank of the river you arrive at Izvir Bistrice.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Length: 6,6 kilometers
Height difference: 200 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.268056,13.949611
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Waypoints of the parking, starting point and Izvir Bistrice (Google KML): Download
Waypoints of the parking, starting point and Izvir Bistrice (GPX): Download
Tracks of the drive through Bohinjska Bistrica (Google KML): Download
Tracks of the drive through Bohinjska Bistrica (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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