Bohinj-Mostnica gorge

The Mostnica gorge, May 2007
Mostnica, rapids and potholes, May 2009
The elephant rock (Slonček), May 2011
Voje valley
The Voje valley, May 2006
Slap Mostnice
Slap Mostnice, May 2011
Izvir Krope
Waterfalls below Izvir Krope, May 2006
The dam close to the first bridge, May 2006

Mostnica gorge, Voje valley - Details

The Mostnica river has cut a deep gorge of 15 meters at places and is surrounded by woods. A lovely and peaceful area to be. Several sections have interesting potholes, others have small rapids. Along most of the gorge section you can walk on both sides of the river. In summer there is a small entry charge, collected at the second stone bridge.

If you can use the GPS waypoints, there are waypoints of all the bridges mentioned below, numbered from 1 to 5.

How to get there
Coming from Ribčev Laz at Lake bohinj, drive to Stara Fužina. In the centre of the village, shortly after passing the supermarket, the main road bends to the right and crosses the Mostnica via a bridge. Straight opposite to that bridge is a narrow road to the left that goes uphill. Take that road and follow what looks like the main route. After about 700 meters there is a large parking (parking fee) at the right side.

During the walk
Start your walk on a path a little in northwest direction, along the fence of a meadow. Don’t take the gravel forest road that goes more to the left. You will soon enter the surroundings with the atmosphere of the gorge.
At the beginning of the gorge, there is a path only along the right riverbank. So at the first stone bridge (Hudičev most, No.1) you have to stay on the right (west) side of the river.
At the second stone bridge (Ukčev most, No.2) you can decide to switch to the left side (east) of the river (recommended). You can walk along both sides until the third stone bridge (Češenjski most, No.4). Then you have to stay on the right side of the river if you want to stay closer to it.
Between the second and third stone bridge there is a steel and wooden bridge (No.3) with very nice views into the river gorge where you can also switch. Without a GPS waypoint this bridge is easy to miss.
Also don’t miss the elephant rock (Slonček) along the left side, in a pool with crystal clear water.
About 1,3 kilometers after the third stone bridge, so probably 25 minutes, you will cross the Mostnica again via another stone bridge (no waypoint) where the gravel road goes over and enter the grasslands of the Voje valley. At the end of the valley is a house where you can get refreshments. After that it is a five minutes walk to Slap Mostnice.

Extra: Dam in the Mostnica
At the first stone bridge you can do a little excursion ( 80 meters) to a dam in the Mostnica. Standing at the west side (where you are) of the bridge, follow a path to the right, close to the gorge, down to the riverbed. With a little scramble at the end you can reach the rock plateau along the Mostnica. A pleasant place to be.

Extra: Izvir Krope
If water levels are high enough, so not in dry periods, you can have a look at the source of a short tributary on the left side of the Mostnica. The easiest way to get there is via Koča Voje. Good 15 minutes (800 meters) after passing the third stone bridge you walk along Koča Voje. On the left side of the house, walk along the grassland and find the start of a path into the woods. Short after the start you will reach a high steel and wooden bridge (No.5). After the bridge, follow the path uphill. After the climb, at a junction, turn left. This is a bit of an adventurous walk, there is a path but I have no details, just a waypoint at the Krope source which you can hopefully use.

Trip information (extras not included)
Duration: 3,5 hours
Length: 12 kilometers
Height difference: 340 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.290343,13.886691
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Waypoints of the parking, bridges and waterfall (Google KML): Download
Waypoints of the parking, bridges and waterfall (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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