Lake Bled with Bled Island from the lower viewpoint, May 2023
On the forest road on the way up, May 2018
Lake Bled with surroundings, from the viewpoint, May 2023
The stairs below the lower viewpoint, May 2018
The steep path on the way down, May 2023
The wooden platform along the lake, May 2018

Osojnica - Details

On top of the Osojnica hill you will know where all those famous Lake Bled photos were taken…
This walk is described as a circular walk. The way up along forest roads most of the time is a little less steep and therefore longer. The path is also less picturesque but you won’t notice it much since you need the energy to walk up.
On the way back the path is very nice and interesting, rather steep with a few additional viewpoints on the way down.
The day we did this walk was a rainy day, so the photos are accordingly.​

How to get there
The Osojnica hill lies along the southwest bank of the lake. From the Center of Bled, drive along the southern shore of the lake in direction of Bohinj and Bohinjska Bistrica.
Just after the road ends following the shore of the lake, you will pass Vila Bled at your right. Then comes a y-fork, straight ahead the road continues to Bohinj, to the right to Camping Bled.
Take that road to the right which will follow the southwest bank of the lake. After about 1,3 kilometer you will pass Camping Bled at your left hand, just after that there is a parking, park there.​

During the walk
From the parking, walk back along the road, past Camping Bled and a small meadow. Where the meadow narrows between the road and the edge of the forest, look for the start of the path, it is waymarked with a sign.
Along the path through the woods there are a few junctions, waymarked with signs, always follow directions to Osojnica, unless you want to visit other viewpoints like Ojstrica as well.
After a 210 meter climb you will arrive at the Osocnica top and viewpoint.
You arrived at the top at the right side of the small viewpoint (facing to the lake).
To walk back down the nice path, exit the viewpoint at the left side of the viewpoint area. This path zigzags down in partly half open woods with spectacular views down the hill, and sometimes of Lake Bled. There is one more viewpoint along this path and directly after some 15 meters of stairs along a steep section.
Short before you are back at the lake, pass a building at your right hand and follow the road further down to the main road along the lake.
Short after walking back along the lake, after 100 meters you will notice wooden stairs down to the shore, you could walk down there and follow the nice wooden platform path.
​It ends at Camping Bled where you walk back to the parking.​

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Length: 2,9 kilometers
Height difference: 210 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.362332,14.081625
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Waypoint of the parking and the top (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
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