At viewpoint Peč, view towards Lake Bohinj, May 2023
At the first viewpoint with the bench, May 2023
Short after the bench, a nice path, May 2023
Halfway throuh the forest, May 2023
Arriving at the viewpoint, May 2019

Peč - Details

If you ever saw photos of Lake Bohinj there is a big chance that you saw one taken from this viewpoint.
This short walk is excellent for when you have an hour left while in the neighborhood.
Short after leaving the road the path turns in to a surprisingly nice forest path through the woods.
The day I did this walk was rainy, so in future the pictures will hopefully be replaced by better ones.​

How to get there
If you are not in the neighborhood, the only way to get there is via Bled. So in Bled follow directions to Bohinj and Bohinj Bistrica. In Bohinj Bistrica, on the main road, you will get to a roundabout, turn right to Ribčev Laz. After driving through a few hamlets you will arrive at Lake Bohinj in Ribčev Laz.
There are several opportunities to park, on this website the parking to the left past Hotel Jezero is chosen. Follow the P-sign opposite of the bridge across the Savica to park there. Wherever you park, the walk starts on the bridge across the Sava Bohinjka at the beginning of the lake.​

During the walk
From the bridge at the lake, walk along the road in direction of Srednja vas, so along the church of St John the Baptist. After 600 meters from the bridge, there is a stone bridge across the Mostnica to the right, cross that bridge.
After some 70 meters from the other side of the bridge, you see a dirt road straight ahead where the footpath starts on the left side of it. There is a wooden sign to Peč and also a rock with red paint directing to Peč.
You will walk along the right side of a small meadow, at the other end of the meadow there is another sigh where the path enters the woods. After a few minutes you reach a viewpoint with a bench.
After another five minutes you cross a forest road with wooden signs to Rudnica (another viewpoint) and Peč. Follow the sign straight ahead to Peč. After another 7 minutes you arrive at the rocky half open area of the viewpoint, with an excellent view of the lake.​

Trip information
Duration: 55 minutes
Length: 3,3 kilometers
Height difference: 125 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.276139,13.886222
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