Bohinj-Slap Grmecica

Slap Grmečica
Slap Grmečica, at the pool, May 2016
At the farm, stay to the left, May 2016
Close to the Sava Bohinjska, May 2016
The last meadow before the waterfall, May 2016
The gorge behind the waterfall, May 2016

Slap Grmečica - Details

A few kilometers from Bohinjska Bistrica there is a picturesque waterfall on the estate of a farm. This is a nice short walk along meadows. As a bonus there is an easy access to a small gorge just behind the waterfall.

Be polite
It is obvious to see that you walk on private property during this walk. Please respect that when you walk across the yard at the start. Use the path only and close the gates and fences that are there during the walk.​

How to get there
From Bohinjska Bistrica drive towards Bled. After 2 kilometers you pass a sign to Lepence, 700 meters after that you see a sign for Log and shortly after the sign there is a bus stop followed by a crossroad to the right.
There is a small place to park just after the crossroad, park there.​

During the walk
Walk on the crossroad and cross the bridge over the Sava Bohinjka. When you arrive at the yard of a farmhouse, walk between the left two buildings. Just before a meadow behind the buildings, turn left.
Continue on the vehicle track that runs straight ahead. After some 400 meters walking through meadows the track continues through woods and a little later you will be walking close to the Sava Bohinjska for a while. You will see one sign on a tree to the waterfall along the way. Later on the track runs through a meadow again after you passed a wooden gate with a sign that dogs should be leashed. Some 400 meters after the gate you arrive at the waterfall with its scenic pool.

About the gorge
When you like to investigate the little gorge behind the waterfall, there are two paths uphill to the right of the waterfall. A rather steep path runs up just 10 meters to the right of the pool. To use a more comfortable path, walk along the edge of the trees to the right of the pool for about 30 meters. You will see a wooden fence to prevent cows from using the path. At that point an easy path goes up to the gorge.
​You can walk along the gorge for about 10 minutes before the path ends.​

Trip information
Duration: 50 minutes (20 minutes extra for the gorge)
Length: 3,4 kilometers (300 meters extra for the gorge)
Height difference: almost level (60 meters for the gorge)​

Parking coordinates: 46.287594,13.980077
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Waypoint of the parking and the waterfall (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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