Bohinj-Vintgar gorge

Vintgar gorge
The Vintgar gorge, May 2007
One of the bridges crossing the Radovna, May 2016
Small waterfall in the Vingrar gorge, May 2007
Close to the end, the Bohinj railway bridge over
the gorge and a dam, May 2005
Slap Šum at the end, May 2016

Vintgar gorge - Details

This is a wonderful walk through a narrow gorge with steep slopes that are less than 10 meters apart at some places.
This is one of the most touristic walks that you can find in Slovenia. Try to do this walk off-season because it can be very crowded in summer time. If you don’t like fences and completely cultivated paths (like we do) than realize that without all that cultivation work you could not do this walk at all.
So therefore it is understandable that you have to pay a fee to enter the gorge which is spent for maintaining the bridges and galleries. A great part of the walkway is artificially created with galleries along the steep slopes and bridges across the river Radovna.
The gorge is open for public since 1893. At the end of the gorge is the 16 meter high waterfall slap Šum.

How to get there
On the main road in Bled, at the T-junction with traffic lights close to Hotel Krim, turn to Spodnje Gorje and Pokljuka. This is road 634.
The route to Vintgar is clearly signposted and leads you via Spodnje Gorje.
At the end of driving through Spodnje Gorje you will see a sign to the right for Jesenice and Vintgar, turning off the main road 634. From there on the signs to Vintgar are of different shape and color from time to time, but always there.
When you are almost there, you enter the village of Podhom. After 300 meters a bigger sign leads you to the large parking place at the southern entrance of the Vintgar gorge. The parking can be very crowded in summer time.

During the walk
There is no possibility to get lost in this narrow gorge. The gorge itself is about 1600 meters long. Most of the time you walk along wooden galleries, crossing the Radovna several times along bridges. At the end there is a kiosk close to slap Šum. From there you can walk down a path and cross a bridge to see the waterfall.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Length: 3,5 kilometers
Height difference: 30 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.392538,14.084541
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