Just before the northern slope of Vogel, looking back, May 2011
Lake Bohinj
View on Lake Bohinj from the top calbe car station, May 2010
On the wide gravel road, our first try, May 2009
Planina Zadnji Vogel
At the alpine pasture Planina Zadnji Vogel, May 2011
The long beautiful valley, without snow, May 2015
At the ridge with steel cables, May 2011
Our view from Vogel, looking west, May 2015

Vogel - Details

Standing on top you have magnificent views to all sides. The Lower Bohinj Mountain Range is the southern border of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. The cable car lifts you up to 1535 meters. At the top cable station you have a complete overview over Lake Bohinj. You won’t see the lake when you are on top of Vogel.
This is an undemanding and diverse mountain walk. There is a section on a ridge with steep slopes on both sides, but it is very well secured with steel cables. Early summer this walk might be difficult in case there is still snow on the northern slope of Vogel. Check with the local people for the conditions if you go before the end of June.

About the photos
We usually are in Bohinj in May and until 2015 snow always got in our way. In that year we had one day left and that day was rainy. So we had a special foggy experience and therefor the photo at the top is accordingly.​

How to get there
Drive to Lake Bohinj, through Ribčev Laz, and at the lake drive along the southern shore to Ukanc. Almost at the end of the lake, turn left to Vogel. This road ends at the parking of the lower cable station.
Take the cable car to Ski Hotel Vogel. The price of one return ticket was € 13,50 in 2015.​

During the walk
From the upper cable car station walk in south-west direction on a wide gravel road, leaving the chair lifts at your left. On this road you will first lose 100 meters of height unfortunately. After 1,9 kilometers, you reach the idyllic alpine pasture Planina Zadnji Vogel.
Walk between the houses. From here you will be guided by the many waymarks and signs in this popular walking area. Between the signs you will see the red-white dots on rocks and trees. At the other end of the pasture you will be guided to the left and soon a long beautiful valley will be visible.
​The path goes right through it and at the other end the path rises again and goes to the right. You will walk between hills for a while and then reach the ridge of the mountain range, with wide views to the south. After that the path turns away from the ridge and later it returns on the ridge again and here you have to scramble along a section with steel cables. A little later the path runs along the northern slope of Vogel. It returns to the ridge once again where there is a major crossing of mountain trails. Follow directions to Vogel, and with a short climb you will approach Vogel from the west along the mountain ridge.​

Trip information
Duration: 3 hours
Length: 9,8 kilometers
Height difference: 755 meters​

Parking coordinates: 46.275861,13.835667
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