Slap Parabola, May 2010
Where to cross the Koritnica, May 2022
At one of the cascades at the beginning, May 2017
Slap Katedrala
Slap Katedrala, May 2009
At a viewpoint along the path, May 2022
High waterfall at the end of the walk, May 2009

Fratarica gorge (with slap Parabola) - Details

The Fratarica gorge is used as a canyoning location because of its cascading waterfalls. There are a few higher waterfalls of which the 48 meters high Parabola is the most famous. This is a walk that can take as long as you want to explore the river, its cascades and waterfalls.

You need to cross the river Koritnica through the water to do this walk. The suspension bridge across the Koritnica was destroyed after the landslide from the Stože slope in 2000. A path has been made with large flat rocks in the riverbed, so there might be 20 cm of water, but less in summer, and easy to walk on.
The last part going down to the basin of Slap Parabola might be slippery. You might want to take 10 meters of rope with you for a safe descent.

How to get there
Drive to Log pod Mangartom on the road to Tarvisio, In Log pod Mangartom, drive till just before the bridge over the Predelica river and turn right before the bridge. There is enough space to park there.

During the walk
Walk along the Predelica downstream till it flows into the Koritnica river, then follow the Koritnica downstream for about 100 meters. There is a sign at the point where a path goes down to the riverbed, follow that and cross the river via the large flat rocks. The second picture shows where that is.
On the other side the path continues, there is a signpost directing to the woods. The path is way marked with red-white dots till Slap Parabola.
At the beginning, part of the track follows a wider gravel path. Walking on that wider gravel path, you can bend off to the right on a small footpath. It leads you to the riverbed at lower points to some more cascades. That path follows the riverbed upstream and reaches the main path again. When that main path bends to the left, follow the footpath slightly to the right close to the gorge.
After twenty minutes you reach the point where you can leave the path and walk down to the right to the river to reach Slap Katedrala. A rope was added between 2014 and 2017 to help during slippery descent. Back on the path, some five minutes from there is Slap Parabola. There is a path to the left down into the basin. The lowest section of that path to the basin can be slippery if water runs out of the rocks there.
Back on the main path, the path continues through beech forest, it is not way marked anymore but clearly visible. You reach an open part above the gorge, at the end is the high waterfall. There are more waterfalls but they are difficult to reach, we did not explore them until now.

Trip information
Duration: 1,5 hour (to Slap Parabola 50 minutes)
Length: 3 kilometers (to Slap Parabola 850 meters)
Height difference: 280 meters (to Slap Parabola less than 100 meters)

Parking coordinates: 46.406857,13.604587
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Waypoint of the parking, starting point, waterfalls and endpoint (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking, starting point, waterfalls and endpoint (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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