Bovec-Gorejca stream

At the first waterfall, Sept 2015
The second waterfall, Sept 2015
Along the path from Log to the first waterfall, Sept 2015
At the third waterfall, Sept 2015
At the third waterfall, a view down into the gorge, Sept 2015
The path from the third waterfall back down, Sept 2015

Gorejca stream - Details

This is a short walk along the slope of the Ruševa glava mountain to the Gorejca stream. The official path ends at the pool of the lowest waterfall. The pool has been dammed to create a small swimming pool where the water reaches 20 degrees Celsius on sunny days in summer.
After the pool you can continue to a next waterfall not far from the first one. If you like, there is even a third waterfall that can be reached by a partially hard to distinguish path.​

With the description and figures below it is assumed that you walk to the first two waterfalls, and eventually to the third waterfall.

How to get there
From Bovec take the road to Tarvisio. When you reach Log Pod Mangartom, drive through the first part of the village (Spodnji log) where at the exit you see a small tennis court at your left.
Before reaching the second part of the village (Gorenji log), there is a road to the left, with a small chapel with the inscription S. Barbara on it at the corner and a wooden signpost at the other corner.
Drive that road to the first parking place on the left side (recommended), or continue to the end of that road where there is a larger parking at the gasilski dom (fire station), in case the first parking lot is full.​

During the walk
From either parking, walk in direction of the mountain, past the fire station (Gasilski dom) and the entrance of a miners tunnel (called Štoln) to Cave del Predil. To the left of the tunnel entrance a path crosses the riverbed of the Roja stream, where a wooden signpost points you to Gorejca (walk L1).
You will walk through woods first, then along a small ski slope, with beautiful views on Log pod Mangartom and the mountains Mangart and Jalovec. When entering the woods again, you come along a goat stable where you have to cross an 80 cm wide channel of a dry riverbed. A few minutes later you arrive at the pool.
When standing at the pool, looking back to where you came from, a path rises along the slope to the left of the path that you walked. Take that path. After a short while you can see a path descending to the riverbed and to the second waterfall with pools that you can easily reach.

To the third waterfall, for the adventurous hikers, take care
At the second waterfall walk back to the point where the path descended to the riverbed and continue uphill to the third waterfall with pools that can be reached.
This last part is tricky, take good care. The path is partly hard to distinguish.
It first goes straight up through grassy woods, then find it back after a scramble along a small rocky part, where after the path continues to the left in direction of the riverbed.
The last part descends steep to the riverbed just before the third waterfall.
We used our 15 meter throw rope attached to a tree to have a more secure descent here.​

Trip information
Duration: 50 minutes to the first two waterfalls, all together 1 hour and 25 minutes
Length: 1,8 kilometers to the first two waterfalls, all together 2,2 kilometers
Height difference: 90 meters to the first two waterfalls, all together 150 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.404021,13.597971
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Waypoint of the parking and two waterfalls (Google KML): Download
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