Bovec-Kanin Prestreljenisko okno

Prestreljeniško okno
At Prestreljeniško okno, Sept 2021
The cableway station at Bovec,Sept 2021
Going up, short after departure, Sept 2021
The large scree slope, the window is somewhere above the sign in the distance, Sept 2021
Halfway the scree slope looking back to the upper cable station,
Sept 2021
Halfway the scree slope with the window visible, Sept 2021
Along the last part of the path to the window, Sept 2021
Jet in the window with views towards Italy, Sept 2021

Kanin, Prestreljeniško okno - Details

The Kanin mountains contain the highest ski resort of Slovenia. The cableway lifts you up from 440 meters in Bovec to 2202 meters at the top station. From there many mountain walks can be done during Summer. To give an idea the short walk to the 10 meters high natural window Prestreljeniško okno with great views into Italy is described here.

The Kanin cableway
The cableway does not operate every day, for example it cannot operate during strong winds. Check or visit the local tourist office in Bovec to find out.
The price for a return ticket for adults was EUR 22,- in 2021.
The cableway consists of continuous running four-person gondolas where you can step in.
The first gondola to Kanin starts at 08:00. The last gondola back to Bovec leaves at 16:00.
A one-way trip takes 30 minutes.

How to get there
From the center of Bovec, drive in direction of Kobarid. When leaving Bovec just before a roundabout, the short road to the Kanin cable station goes to the right, opposite of a petrol station. Otherwise, when you are on the bypass road around Bovec, drive in direction of Kobarid, then on the roundabout drive to Bovec and opposite of the petrol station turn left to the Kanin cable station. There is a large parking at the cable station, park there.

During the walk
After the trip with the gondola, the best way to give directions is to follow the crowd. When you leave the upper station, keep the station in your back and walk towards the large scree slope with one of the mountain tops above it. Soon you will notice signs to “okno” and Prestreljeniško okno. Halfway through the path you can already see the window towards the right. When reaching the rock wall of the top you’re heading at, turn right for the window. The path to the left would go to Visoki Kanin and other tops. The whole path is marked with red-white dots and red stripes, and well secured where needed.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes (plus 1 hour cableway)
Length: 1,5 kilometers
Height difference: 180 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.332728,13.538572
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Waypoint of the parking and the window (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
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