Bovec-Koritnica gorge

Small Koritnica gorge
Small Koritnica gorge upstream, May 2010
Small Koritnica gorge downstream, Sept 2013

Koritnica gorge - Details

This is a nice place for a short visit. The small Koritnica gorge lies short after the larger deep Koritnica gorge which you can see from the bridge over the Koritnica at the Kluže fortress. Besides the walk to the gorge itself, you can walk upstream to the exit of the large gorge, or walk downstream along the Koritnica for a while.

You could combine this walk with the previous walk on this site: Bavšica valley.

How to get there
Drive the road from Bovec to Tarvisio. After 3,5 kilometers from Bovec you see the Kluže fortress and a parking place at the right side of the road 200 meters before the fortress.
You can park there. In case the parking lot is full (kayakers also park here) there is more parking near the fortress. In that case, walk back to the first parking 200 meters before, where the path starts.​

During the walk
At the first parking, walk down the path with wooden stairs. When you reach a crossing path with a wooden signpost, go to the right. After 50 meters, bend of the main path to the left on a narrower path that goes diagonally down to the river. You will reach the gorge after another 150 meters.

Several sightseeing possibilities
At the wooden signpost mentioned before, you can also turn left and walk to the exit of the big Kluže gorge via a suspension bridge.
Opposite to the Kluže fortress, there is a path to Fort Hermann. Part of the path goes through a 100 meter tunnel. The tunnel is lighted, you might need a flashlight just in case. The height gain is little over 100 meters.

Trip information
Duration: 23 minutes
Length: 400 meters
Height difference: 70 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.359077,13.589697
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