Bovec-Mlinarica gorge

Mlinarica gorge
The exit of the gorge with the viewpoint , May 2017
The suspension bridge across the Soča, May 2017
The path close to the gorge, May 2017

Mlinarica gorge - Details

Unfortunately this gorge is almost inaccesible, but you can easily walk to a viewpoint at the exit of the gorge, a few hundred meters before the Mlinarica flows into the Soča.
Explored by canyoners, the gorge itself is about one kilometer long, sometimes only one meter wide and 80 meters deep at points, with a decline of more than 300 meters.
At the exit there is a nice viewpoint into the gorge, surrounded by high rock faces.​

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, some 23 kilometers from Bovec, between kilometer post 1,5 and 1,0 there is a parking on the left side of the road. Park there.
This parking is about 50 meters before the road crosses the Soča from the left to the right side.​

During the walk
From the parking, walk across the bridge over the Soča and on the other side follow the wooden fence along the right side of the road. There are Soska pot signs along it.
You will suddenly see a footpath on the other side of the fence where you can walk.
Some 300 metera after the bridge, you see a wooden signpost for the Korita Mlinarice and the path going down to the Soča riverbed, follow that path.
​You will cross the Soča via a wooden suspension bridge. After that it is only a few minutes walk to the exit of the Mlinarica gorge.​

Trip information
Duration: 22 minutes
Length: 1,2 kilometers
Height difference: negligible

Parking coordinates: 46.399518,13.744349
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