The beginning of the Nadiža gorge, May 2016
The path to the Napoleon bridge, Sept 2021
The beginning of the gorge, looking to the Napoleon bridge,
Sept 2021
Also at the beginning, Sept 2021
Along the gorge, May 2016
At the end of the gorge, May 2016

Nadiža - Details

Like the Soča, the Nadiža is an alpine river with many beautiful spots, but in contrast to the Soča, there are hardly any walking trails along the river. The Nadiža is more famous for swimming than walking along the river. The water temperature can reach 20 degrees in summer.
We found a partly vague path along the Nadiža gorge close to Logje, which is described here.

You should see this page more as a hint to get to a beautiful natural sight than a well described walk. You will probably not find a path once you reached the gorge but it is worth a try. Just look ahead at point where it gets vague and see if you can find it back further down, or use the GPS track. Some parts of the path will be slippery after rain. The slopes along the river are not vertical so adventurous walking is possible. Especially in summertime it is also possible to walk in the riverbed.

How to get there
In Kobarid, follow directions to Robič and Staro selo, road 102. At the roundabout in Staro selo take the second exit to Breginj and Podbela. You will drive along Kred and through Potoki.
While driving through Borjana you will reach a point with a church at the right side of the road. Before the church turn left to Podbela and Robidisče.
After driving through Podbela, you will cross the Nadiža. After about 2 kilometers from Podbela you will see a large parking place at your left, Park there. Off-season you could drive another 150 meters and park at the opposite side of the road.

During the walk
From the large parking, continue walking along the road, about 150 meters from the parking a path goes down to the river at the Napoleon bridge. Cross the bridge and walk the gravel path that runs uphill.
After 20 meters from the bridge, at a point where there is a large boulder at your left between the trees, turn left on a small footpath. This path will take you to the beginning of the gorge.
From that point it is possible to walk along the gorge for at least 500 meters. Sometimes along the rocky shore, sometimes on a path a little away from the riverbed. During summertime it should also be possible to walk in the riverbed most of the time.

Swimming options
As said, the Nadiža is more a destination for a swim during hot summer days. Here are some suggestions.

  • At the roundabout at Staro selo, you could drive to Robič instead of Breginj. About 500 meters after Robič there is a parking place close to the river.
  • When driving to Podbela like described under “How to get there”, there is a swimming area at the bridge over the Nadiža, with parking space just after the bridge.
  • At the Napoleon bridge that you reach under “How to get there” there also is possibility for swimming.
  • Close to Logje. At the Napoleon bridge continue the road to Robidisče. Some 1,2 kilometers after the Napoleon bridge, in a hairpin bend to the left, drive straight ahead to Breginj and Logje. Just before you reach an iron and wooden bridge over the Nadiža, there is a parking place at the left side of the road.

Trip information
Duration: 55 minutes
Length: 1,8 kilometers
Height difference: 80 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.228684,13.439414
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