Bovec-Slap Beri

Slap Beri
Slap Beri, June 2015
Somewhere between the bridges, June 2015
At the second suspension bridge, June 2015
The picnic place close to the first bridge, June 2015

Slap Beri - Details

This is a relative short walk along a nice path through the woods. Short after leaving Poljubinj you will walk in the Soteska Godiče and cross the Beri creek twice along a suspension bridge. Slap Beri drops from a rock wall covered with vegetation.
Also the surroundings of the pool are overwhelmingly green.

While you are there, the nearby Slap Sopota is worth a visit as well.

How to get there
In the center of Tolmin, on the main road coming from Kobarid, drive ahead in the direction of Idrija. You cross the Tolminka river and 400 meters after the bridge turn left to Poljubinj. First there is an industrial area at your left, shortly after you reach the village Poljubinj.
At the beginning there is a little square with a tree in the middle, don’t turn left as the sign to Slap Beri suggests but stay on the main road which is slightly to the right.
After a few hundred meters you cross the bridge over the Beri creek and directly after there is a small parking along the left side of the road.
At the parking is a water source with a sign Raufčeva voda. People come here and fill their bottles, so decent parking will be appreciated.

During the walk
From the parking, walk back to the bridge and directly after crossing the bridge turn left. Walk along the right side of the Beri creek, you will pass a few last houses and soon walk on a forest path.
After 200 meters you cross the creek via the first bridge. If you turn right at the other side, there is a picturesque picnic place but to continue to the waterfall turn left. You walk along the left side of the creek for a while a little distant from the creek. Not far from the waterfall is a suspension bridge that you cross and a few minutes later you are at the waterfall.
There are a few signs along the way but the path is obvious.

Trip information
Duration: 45 minutes
Length: 2,4 kilometers
Height difference: 150 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.179691,13.755573
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Waypoints of the parking and the waterfall (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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