Bovec-Slap Boka

Slap Boka
Slap Boka from the cliff along the right bank, May 2005
Izvir Boka
At the source of Slap Boka, May 2009
During the descend to the source, May 2009
At the damaged section, May 2013
Slap Boka
The platform at the official viewpoint, May 2019
Slap Boka
At the highest viewpoint along the cliff (alternative walk), May 2005
In the Boka riverbed, Sept 2015

Slap Boka - Details

The Boka waterfall emerges from a typical karst spring in a rock face under the Kanin mountain group.
Therefore the Boka can be seen from far, no hiking is needed to witness its beauty.
However, if you keep this 106 meters high and almost 20 meters wide waterfall in mind and withstand the struggle to get up, it will be a spectacular experience to stand close to its source. It is mysterious to watch the water bubbling out of the rocks, developing rapidly to an impressive short river flowing to the edge.
This is one of the most remarkable places that I have been to in Slovenia.

It may not be possible to walk to the source, so below you can also find the description to walk to the official viewpoint.

The last part of this walk can be dangerous. Probably during the heavy rain in November 2012 a section of the path just 50 meters before the source was damaged. This means you have to walk ten steps on soil with loose rocks on a steep slope and slipping is no option. There are too few trees to hold on. If it doesn’t feel right, you will have to go back, no matter how close to the destination you are.
This section will eventually be repaired and secured with a rope in the near future, but it is a good idea to have your own rope, just in case. We usually carry one of those throw ropes that kayakers use to rescue. It is a light weight small bag with 15 meters of rope.
UPDATE: I have heard from a reliable source that he went to the source at least four times during 2020 and 2021 and that the last part of the walk is secured again.

How to get there
You can’t miss this one given all the signposts. Just drive from Bovec to Kobarid. Little over 4 kilometers first there is a sharp bend to the right, then short before a sharp bend to the left there is a parking place at the left side of the road, just before the bridge over the Boka river. Park there.

During the walk (to the Boka source)
​Across the road the path starts along the left bank of the Boka river, on the right side of the bridge.
Before you walk that path, you can watch the Boka while walking to the other end of the bridge. Watch that huge waterfall in the distance and remember what you see. Then later, when you’re up there, recall that impression. Amazing!
Please note that during this walk you will not see the waterfall. The first time you see the Boka is when you are above the waterfall. The path is way marked with red-white dots. The steep climb can be a little exhausting at times. You walk to a certain ridge being the highest point and then descend to the source 90 meters.

During the walk (to the official viewpoint)
A path starting at the right bank of the Boka river takes you up to a nearby official viewpoint from a cliff along the riverbed. You will see the Boka from a distance still, but closer than from the bridge.
From the parking, cross the bridge over the Boka river. The path starts directly besides the bridge and follows the right bank upstream. After 100 meters from the road there is a path to the left uphill with a sign to the viewpoint, follow that path. After 7 minutes you will arrive at the wooden platform which is the viewpoint.
As you saw along the way, there are several paths further uphill. They lead to higher unofficial viewpoints that you can reach if you wish. The height for continuing to walk uphill might be between 200 and 300 meters depending on how far you go.

Walking in the riverbed
If you like rock jumping, walking through the riverbed is possible when the water level is very low. Follow directions as described under walking to the viewpoint. Then don’t go uphill to the left at the sign but continue on the path along the riverbed. As the gorge gets more narrow, the path ends and you will have to find your way on and along the boulders in the riverbed. This is not a relaxing hike, but it’s fun trying to get as close to the waterfall as possible.

Trip information (to the Boka source)
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Length: 3,5 kilometers
Height difference: 570 meters

Trip information (to the official viewpoint)
Duration: 23 minuten
Length: 1,1 kilometers
Height difference: 60 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.318278,13.494944
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Waypoint of the parking (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk to the source (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk to the viewpoint (GPX): Download

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