Bovec-Slap Curk

Slap Curk
Slap Curk, May 2013
During the first 25 minutes in the woods, Sept 2021
The meadows along the vehicle track, Sept 2021
Another nice view along the track, Sept 2021
In the woods again, before the last little meadow, Sept 2021
The gorge short before the waterfall, May 2013
Another well secured section in the gorge, Sept 2021
Behind te waterfall, Sept 2021

Slap Curk - Details

A nice waterfall at the end of a gorge. The first part of the walk will take you through woods, later on you walk along pastures with excellent views of the surrounding hills. The last part is a beautiful gorge with the path running along a steep slope. The path is very well secured. This waterfall is along the upper part of the Kozjak stream.

How to get there
From Kobarid drive to the Napoleon bridge crossing the Soča which is the old road to Tolmin via Kamno. Just across the bridge turn left to Drežnica. In Drežnica turn left to Drežniške Ravne.
Just before Drežniške Ravne there is an information board about the hamlet with a lot of apartment signs and signs to Planini Zaprikraj. Turn right at that point. After about 500 meters turn right at another point with wooden signs, following the P to Planini Zaprikraj again.
After another 1,2 kilometers you can see a parking along the meadow, park there. There is an extra track that can be downloaded for the route from just after the Napoleon bridge until the parking.

During the walk
About 80 meters further along the road a path with a lot of signs branches off to the right, take that path.
At first the path ascends rather steep through woods for about 25 minutes. In that part the footpath reaches a gravel road and little later the footpath continues to the left in the middle of a sharp left bend, there is a wooden sign to Slap Curk.
After these first 25 minutes you will reach the meadows. Walk along the right side of the first meadow, at the end the path turns right through a gate.
From there you walk on a vehicle track with nice views and the path becomes more level. Some 6 minutes or 430 meters after the gate the vehicle track crosses another vehicle track, go straight ahead and follow the track that runs along the right sight of the grassy slope. On that grassy slope there is a bench.
After that track bended to the left along the slope you will soon enter the woods again. You will reach another small meadow, take the path to the left there, the other path to the right runs to Drežnica. After that little meadow you will soon walk in the beautiful rugged gorge.
When arriving at the waterfall there is a bench along the path and behind that bench a path runs uphill that leads to behind the waterfall.

Trip information
Duration: 2 hours
Length: 5,4 kilometers
Height difference: 330 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.272863,13.614862
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Waypoint of the parking (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download
Extra track:
Drive from Kobarid to parking at Drežniške Ravne (Google KML): Download
Drive from Kobarid to parking at Drežniške Ravne (GPX): Download

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