Bovec-Slap Supot and Slap Krampez

Slap Supot
Slap Supot, May 2013
The riverbed at Slap Supot, May 2013
Rocks and water and green at Slap Supot, May 2013
Slap Krampež
Slap Krampež, May 2013
Above Slap Krampež, May 2019

Slap Supot and Slap Krampež - Details

Especially when you arrive at Slap Supot, you find a picturesque environment with enough opportunities to stay a while. The water of Slap Supot joins another stream in a beautiful rocky riverbed. Within five minutes walk is Slap Krampež that falls in a pool.
Its water joins that of Slap Supot somewhere along the path back to the unsurfaced road.
This is a good example of how nice and simple nature can be made accessible through maintenance carried out by the local population. No fences, simple and safe bridges and natural looking benches.
At Slap Krampez the more experienced climbers can get up to another waterfall.

How to get there
From Kobarid drive to the Napoleon bridge which is the old road to Tolmin via Kamno. Just across the bridge turn left to Drežnica. In Drežnica turn right to Koseč.
Directly after passing the last houses of Drežnica at your right the road bends sharply to the right. Just after the bend there is some place to park on the left side of the road.

During the walk
Walk back to the beginning of the bend where there is an unsurfaced crossroad to the right that leads to the waterfalls. It has a large information board at the beginning.
After walking on an unsurfaced road for 8 minutes you arrive at a hairpin bend. The footpath continues straight on in that bend, there is a signs to the waterfalls. A few minutes later you arrive at slap Supot. In that area is a sign to slap Krampež, just a few minutes further.

Extra for the more experienced hikers
At Slap Krampež you can cross the riverbed to the left bank and walk up along a short path that leads to the rock wall along the left side of the waterfall.
You arrive at a ladder made of metal brackets with a chain to hold on. Climb up for about 7 meters and then on the other side 4 meters down to the pool. There is the next waterfall that you can see when you arrive at Slap Krampež.
​From above you have a nice view down to the main pool.

Trip information
Duration: 30 minutes
Length: 1,5 kilometers
Height difference: 70 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.254167,13.620055
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