Bovec-Slap Virje

Slap Virje with the emerald green pool, May 2022
Slap Virje with full water supply, Sept 2021
Slap Virje
The Slap Virje pool from aside, May 2017
Along the alternative path above the waterfall, Sept 2021
Izvir Glijuna
Izvir Glijuna, May 2010
The cut-off for the power station, here all the water runs to Slap Virje, Sept 2021
The artificial lake, May 2010

Slap Virje and Izvir Glijuna - Details

The river Glijun starts as a karst spring (izvir) like many rivers in the area. The source is fed by the underground waters of the Kanin mountain group and never dries up. This is an easy walk to the waterfall Slap Virje, the source of the river Glijun and the artificial lake.
The serene beauty of the pool and surroundings of the waterfall will not leave you untouched.

Shortly after its start, part of the water is led through a channel to a small artificial lake. From there a water channel continues to a small hydroelectric power station further away. The rest of the water continues through the riverbed to Slap Virje. The water is only cut off to the hydroelectric station if there is a demand for electric power, so it depends on that how much water Slap Virje contains. Therefor also the artificial lake can be empty.

How to get there
On the T-junction in the center of Bovec drive north in direction of a church. Continue on this road and drive to Plužna. After almost 3 kilometers you are in Plužna. At a square in the center of this hamlet, drive a small road up to the right. After about 500 meters from the square you reach a large parking place, park there.

During the walk
With the road you came from behind you, a nice and easy path to the left leads to Slap Virje and the emerald green pool. There are two wooden terraces to sit on and a few new information boards.
Back on the parking, again with the road you came from behind you, the path straight ahead across a wooden bridge leads to Izvir Glijuna and the artificial lake. After 140 meters from the parking there is a junction, turn right for Izvir Glijuna or turn left for the artificial lake.
When you turn right for Izvir Glijuna you walk along the Glijun river for a short while and you pass the entrance of the Srnica gorge which was turned into an Adventure park in 2015.
After some 80 meters more you reach the source of the Glijun where the water emerges from the rocks.

Alternative path from the pool
To the right of the waterfall there is a wooden terrace close to the water. To the right of that terrace a steep path runs up the slope. It will be very slippery after rain.
That path leads to a path above the waterfall. Then the path runs along the river until it ends at the road coming from the parking. When you turn left on that road, you can continue walking to the source and artificial lake as described above.

Trip information
Duration: 30 minutes
Length: 1,6 kilometers
Height difference: negligible

Parking coordinates: 46.335491,13.512895
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