Bovec-Slemenova spica

Slemenova špica
Slemenova špica, on the top, May 2010
On the col looking back to Prisank, May 2012
Ajdovska deklica
Ajdovska deklica, May 2012
Mala and Velika Mojstrovka, the col in the bottom left, May 2012
The path along the abyss, May 2012
View from Slemenova špica towards the southeast, May 2010

Slemenova špica (Sleme) - Details

The first part of the walk is probably not that nice, it starts with a rather steep climb to a col. After that you will be happy to walk on along the edge of a beautiful alpine valley with mountain tops at your left and ahead, and a steep abyss at your right.
The scenery is stunning and after the final climb to Slemenova špica you have a 360 degrees view. Looking south and to the west to all the nearby peaks, viewing north you can look far into Austria depending on the clearness of the sky.
The banner on the home page of this site shows a panorama from Slemenova špica viewing south.

Slemenova špica and Sleme
The area is called Sleme, the top is called Slemenova špica.

How to get there
Drive from Bovec to Kranjska Gora. After 40 minutes (tourist speed) you passed the 26 hairpin bends and are on top of the Vršič pass. After you passed two kiosks and a road to the right to Tičarjev dom, park at the parking lot along the main road. The area can be very crowded in high season because it is a starting point for many walks to nearby peaks.

During the walk
The walk starts at the opposite side of the road, in direction of Kranjska Gora. Find the path there a few meters from the road. First it runs parallel to the road, along a picnic table, boulders and information boards. Shortly after the path branches off diagonally up to the left with signs to Sleme. The point where the paths starts rising is about 250 meters from the junction to Tičarjev dom, seen coming from Bovec.
This walk is signposted with signs and the usual red-white dots. Once you have arrived at the col a sign for Sleme points to the right. But first look back and find the giant buckwheat girls face Ajdovska deklica in the northwest face of the Prisank (Prisojnik) mountain (second and third picture).
Later on when you walk along the ridge of the abyss, you can see your destination right

Trip information
Duration: 3 hours
Length: 5,7 kilometers
Height difference: 450 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.433528,13.743528
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Waypoints of the parking and the top (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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