The first waterfall at the watermill, May 2013
Another waterfall halfway, May 2013
Not far from the second waterfall, May 2013

Sopotnica - Details

This walk does not follow the Sopotnica stream directly but you meet the stream several times. On the way you will see a number of waterfalls between 5 to 10 meter high. There are opportunities to see more waterfalls which can only be accessed with some scrambling and a rope. The walk ends at the source Grofova voda.

Grofova voda (Count’s water)
According to a local historical story the count at Tolmin ordered the spring water to be transported to him. The water contains lots of minerals and is said to have healing qualities.

How to get there
Drive the old road from Kobarid to Tolmin via Kamno (cross the Napoleon bridge at Kobarid). Drive through Gabrje. Just before you exit Gabrje again there is a chapel at the right side and 20 meters after that a small parking possibility at the left side of the road. Park there.

During the walk
Walk back 50 meters, past the chapel, and bend of the main road to the right on the concrete vehicle track. There is a brown sign with Slapovi Sopotnice on it. Walk along another chapel named
Torneranno. You reach a lovely scenery with a house, a stone barn and an old watermill, and the first waterfall.
​About 30 meters later you reach the last house, no. 5. Just after that house you have to turn right uphill. The path goes diagonally to the left up the steep grassy slope.After a while you will reach a dirt road on which you walk for a short time, signs point you off that road again later on. There is a waypoint of a wooden bridge over the Sopotnica with a wooden bench. From there it is not far to the source Grofova voda.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hours and 30 minutes
Length: 3,4 kilometers
Height difference: 270 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.199014,13.704545
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Waypoints of the parking and the wooden bridge (Google KML): Download
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Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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