Bovec-Susec canyon

Sušec canyon
Canyoners at work, May 2014
At the upper part, May 2010
Sušec canyon
At the start of the canyon, May 2014
Sušec canyon
The upper of the two falls of the previous picture, May 2014
At the end of the gorge, Sept 2021

Sušec canyon - Details

The Sušec stream has formed a beautiful gorge with lots of cascades and waterfalls dropping in crystal clear pools. Even for a short refreshing visit this is an excellent location, because the lower part of the gorge close to the parking is where many of the waterfalls can be found.
Because many waterfalls flow through polished channels, this stream is extremely popular for canyoning.
During the season you can observe people canyoning the gorge. We did that once with SportMix in Bovec. Like hydrospeeding, canyoning is one of the best ways to be one with the water and guided by people from SportMix make this an absolute safe experience.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kobarid, drive past the Boka and through Žaga. About 500 meters before you reach Srpenica, there is a bridge crossing the Sušec. Turn to the right (opposite of the wild water sports outlet Srpenica I) to the parking of the canyon about 200 meters from the main road. You can hear the lowest waterfall when you get out of the car.

During the walk
The walk starts along the right bank of the Sušec stream, zigzagging not far from the riverbed.
There are lots of paths to the riverbed but the main path can be easily distinguished.
You will walk along the right bank until you reach a stone bridge that has to be crossed. After the bridge you walk on a small gravel path, zigzagging further away from the riverbed. This is a rather long steep section.
On the highest point, after you gained 180 meters, you walk a short almost level section through woods.
At the end of the section through the woods you can see the end of the gorge you’re heading at. The path continues going down about 60 meters to the riverbed, where needed there are wooden stairs and cables.
At the end is where the canyoners start their trip, it is a nice place to stay.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour and 25 minutes
Length: 2,4 kilometers
Height difference: 240 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.295239,13.489514
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