Bovec-Ucja valley

Globoški potok
Globoški potok lower waterfall, May 2007
Globoški potok
Globoški potok upper waterfall, Sept 2013
Učja valley
Učja valley viewing west, Sept 2013
Učja river
The Učja river at the beginning of the walk, May 2007

Učja valley - Details

The Učja valley is a quiet remote valley where the Učja river has cut a picturesque riverbed. This is the only area where I ever saw a deer until now. You will walk high above the riverbed most of the time. You cross the Globoški potok (creek) twice on this partially circular walk, both times close to a waterfall. At the beginning you can easily go to the Učja riverbed before the path rises.

About the path
There are lots of paths later on in the woods so probably you can get to the river at more places.
It might be easy if you can use the GPS track to do this walk to avoid taking the wrong path.
There are no way marks past the upper waterfall. The sparely signposted walk S1a leads you to the lower waterfall, originally the S1a walk was a circular walk on an older map. The red-white dots along the start of the path split off later on, that track leads into the Kanin mountain group.
The path is not maintained so there are a few tricky passages past the waterfalls, but it can be done. The paths to the waterfalls are OK.

How to get there
Driving from Bovec to Kobarid, after crossing the bridge over the Boka, you reach the village Zaga.
Watch out for a sharp bend to the left with a bridge crossing the Učja river.
About 80 meters before that bend you can park on the left side along the road.

During the walk
Walk to the pizzeria on the right side of the road. Between the pizzeria and the bridge the path starts at the left side of the pizzeria parking. There is a wooden signpost with walk number S1a. There are also red-white dots. The path starts on a concrete vehicle track, at the first hairpin bend to the right you walk straight on and follow the path which is rather overgrown at the beginning.
After 15 to 20 minutes ignore a signpost and red dots pointing uphill to the right.
You will reach a meadow after 25 minutes with a few small buildings. Walk along the long line of rocks on the right side until the end of the meadow and find back the path a little to the right.
​On your way back you will come from the diagonally left side of the meadow (there is a signpost there of what’s left of the S1a walk). You will first reach the upper (smaller) waterfall.
At the farthest point of the walk you will go back on a lower path (there is a waypoint named Turnpoint in the waypoints GPS download). On the way back there is a waypoint of a split off where you can walk to the right to a cliff where you can overlook the Učja valley. About 5 minutes from that split off you reach the lower (bigger) waterfall.

Trip information
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Length: 5 kilometers
Height difference: 340 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.310056,13.480944
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Waypoint of the parking, waterfalls and other points (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking, waterfalls and other points (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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