Bovec-Zadnjica valley

Zadnjica valley
Halfway between the picnic area and the end of the walk, May 2018
Zadnjica river
The Zadnjica river short before the picnic area, May 2018
The picnic area, May 2018
Zadnjica valley
Idyllic landscape in the valley, May 2018
Zadnjica valley
Another impression of the landscape, May 2018
The old dam at the end of the walk, May 2018
Belopotoski slap
Belopotoski slap, May 2018
The riverbed seen from Belopotoski slap, May 2018

Zadnjica valley and Belopotoski slap - Details

The Zadnjica valley is a beautiful remote valley surrounded by high mountain peaks over 2000 meters. An unpaved road goes through the valley making this an easy walk.
Though you will gain 420 meters in height, the path goes up very gradually so it will not be exhausting. You will walk along meadows with some houses, through woods and partially along nice riverbeds with some interesting spots for a short stay.
At the picnic area that you will cross after ten minutes there is a crossroad road leading to the waterfall Belopotoski slap. This waterfall is situated in a picturesque area with a rocky riverbed. The trip information and GPS track include walking to the waterfall Belopotoski slap. See the notes on Belopotoski slap for the extra time it takes to visit the waterfall.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, some 21 kilometers from Bovec, at kilometer post 3,5 is the first hairpin bend of the Vršič pass (number 50).
In this hairpin bend, take the cross road to Zadnjica. After 300 meters there is a parking area at the right side, park there. Continuing by car during summer is only allowed for landowners.

During the walk
Continue walking on the unpaved road. After 10 minutes (about 960 meters) you will reach a picnic area in the woods with several streams. Continue on the road to the right. The road to the left would take you to Belopotoski slap in less than 30 minutes, we will visit the waterfall on the way back.
Short after the picnic area you will cross a bridge over the Zadnjica river and the river will disappear to the left. The unpaved road will lead along nice meadows with some small houses and through woods.
The path will become less wide, more a vehicle track, and during the last part just a footpath. A riverbed appears along the right side of the path. Almost at the end of our walk there is a signpost pole with red signs. Take the left path leading to Triglav, not the path to the right leading to Zasavska koča. Short after that sign there is an old dam in the riverbed at which we decided the walk to end.
On the way back, arriving at the picnic area again, you can take the unpaved road to the right to walk to Belopotoski slap in less than 15 minutes. On the last part of the road you will notice the waterfall just before the road bends to the left reaching a remote little house. There is a footpath down to the riverbed in that bend. You will have to find an easy place to cross the riverbed along some rocks, there are several spots.
​After the visit to the waterfall, walk back to the picnic area and then to the right to walk back to the parking.​

Belopotoski slap
Walking to the waterfall from the picnic area is about 1,6 kilometers and a 27 minutes there and back.

Trip information
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Length: 8,9 kilometers
Height difference: 420 meters​

Parking coordinates: 46.382439,13.762190​
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Waypoint of the parking, the picnic area and the waterfall (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking, the picnic area and the waterfall (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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