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Slap Peričnik
Lower Peričnik waterfall, May 2009
Area of the lower Peričnik waterfall, May 2009
Slap Peričnik
Upper Peričnik waterfall, May 2006
Slap Peričnik
Area of the upper Peričnik waterfall, May 2009

Slap Peričnik - Details

Though it takes only 20 minutes to walk (steep) to the upper waterfall, you can easily spend more than an hour walking around and spending some time at nice spots. There is a lower waterfall, 52 meters high and an upper waterfall, 16 meters high.
The sun covers the area up to about 15:00 at the lower waterfall and up to 14:30 at the upper waterfall, something you might want to consider.
You can walk behind the waterfalls and in the whole area. No fences, just beauty.

How to get there
In Mojstrana (between Kranjska Gora and Jesenice), find a way to the Vrata valley in direction southwest. There are brown signs pointing you to the right direction (Vrata). It is about 4 kilometers from Mojstrana to the parking at Slap Peričnik (at kilometer post 6,5). First the road is asphalted, later unpaved. There is an information board at the right as you cross the bridge of the river, the parking is after the bridge on the left side of the road.

During the walk
The path up to the waterfalls is at the right side of the riverbed. The path is very obvious so there is no GPS track for this short walk. Just before you reach the lower waterfall, there is a path to the left to the upper waterfall.
Some wooden fences have been added along the path to the lower waterfall between 2016 and 2017. Modifications have been made to the path to the upper waterfall between 2019 and 2021, fences have been added and the few concrete steps in a crack have been replaced with wooden stairs.
At the lower waterfall there was a path to the other end of the river, but the wooden bridge was washed away in 2019. Now when you walk behind the lower waterfall to the other side there is a path down to the parking that connects to the old path from before the bridge was washed away.
You might want to take a raincoat with you if you want to walk behind the waterfalls.
The climb to the lower waterfall is 60 meters with an additional climb of 50 meters to the upper waterfall.

Trip information
Duration: 40 minutes
Length: 680 meters
Height difference: 110 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.438209,13.895759
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