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Slap Pršjak
Slap Pršjak from the viewpoint, Sept 2021
The path through the woods, Sept 2021
Another nice part of the path, Sept 2021
Along the steep grassy slope, Sept 2021
The second pool at the end of the walk, Sept 2021
At the pool of Slap Pršjak, viewing upstream, Sept 2021
Jet and Rika at the top of Slap Pršjak, Sept 2021

Slap Pršjak - Details

What makes this walk special is the nice narrow footpath through a gorge, through woods and later on along a steep grassy slope. The waterfall itself is not spectacular, but the quiet surroundings and the nice pool above the waterfall where you can stay make this a very nice short trip. There is a nice viewpoint with a bench as soon as you can spot the waterfall.

How to get there
Directions are described from Tolmin. Drive in direction of Most na Soči, then Dolenja Trebuša, in Dolenja Trebuša follow directions crossing the bridge over the Idrijca to Čepovan and Vojsko.
After little over 5 kilometers from Dolenja Trebuša there is a bridge over the Pršjak and directly after there is an inn with parking at the right side of the road.
Another parking is at the opposite (left) side of the road, park there.
The parking belongs to the inn, parking is allowed if you ask them.

During the walk
The path starts at the end of the parking with the road behind you. After 350 meters the path crosses a footbridge, then it meanders up shortly and after that the nice path is quiet level.
You can see Slap Pršjak at a point where the path starts running along a steep grassy slope. Just after that grassy slope, back in the woods and some 10 meters before the path runs along a rock wall, you can distinguish a path to the right going downhill to the pool above the waterfall.
You can continue the main path for about 230 meters to reach another nice pool with a low waterfall. After that the path continues but becomes less interesting.

In 2021 there was a sign at the parking with a picture of the dog Rika with the following text:
“I’m Rika and I will be your guide today, I will lead you to the waterfall Pršjak and back and keep you company.”
That’s what Rika did, she came shortly after we parked, as we started the walk she walked ahead of us, waiting for us, stayed with us and walked back with us. After we arrived back at the parking she went home to a nearby house.
In 2023 Rika wasn’t around anymore. Inquiry at the inn revealed that some people didn’t like that Rika joined them during the walk (?), so she was kept in the property. They let Rika join us so she had a nice walk, and we brought her back to the house.

Trip information
Duration: 1 hour
Length: 2,7 kilometers
Height difference: 155 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.056783,13.827276
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Waypoint of the parking and the pool of Slap Pršjak(Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking and the pool of Slap Pršjak (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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