Moon bay (Mesečev zaliv)
Moon bay (Mesečev zaliv) on the way back, June 2015
On the flysch layers coastline, May 2015
At the second point wading through the sea, June 2015
Moon bay (Mesečev zaliv)
The second half of Moon bay (Mesečev zaliv), May 2017
Part of the path after Moon Bay, June 2015
The last part of the path, June 2015

Strunjan - Details

On the Strunjan peninsula, between Izola and Piran lays a 4 kilometers long unspoiled coastline with up to 80 meters high cliffs made of flysch layers. The stony beach is sometimes 10 meter wide, at some points less than a meter.
During high tide you have to wade through the sea at two points for short, the water level stays below your knees. During low tide you can keep your feet dry.
​Halfway lies Moon bay (Mesecev zaliv). The cliffs are very picturesque and walking on the sometimes narrow path made of flysch layers is special. Also the walk back on top of the cliffs, with many fantastic views is a great experience.

How to get there
From Bovec you would drive to Nova Gorica and continue on the highway to Ljubljana and later the highway to Koper. From Bohinj you would drive to and through Bled and then continue on the highway to Ljubljana and later continue to Koper.
When nearing Koper, follow directions to Portorož. The highway will end and continue as primary road. In Strunjan, on the first roundabout, turn right to Strunjan.
On a crossing directly after, drive straight ahead to Krajinski park. After the road bends to the left and later to the right, take the first road to the left. Among other signs, there is a blue sign to the left to Primorka restaurant at that point.
Soon you will see the big parking Parkirišče Strunjan at your left, park there.​

During the walk
From the parking, walk to the other long end of the parking in direction of the sea, and when you reach the shore, turn right and start walking along the sea. After little over 100 meters the real rocky shore starts.
From here you can walk all along the shore for a long time. There are several opportunities to take a path up to the cliffs and find the path on the cliffs back to Strunjan and the parking.
If you use the GPS track, you will walk along the shore for little over 3 kilometers.
About 250 meters after wading through the sea around a corner along the cliffs for the second time, the track uses a path that rises 90 meters to a small road.
Turn right there and after 600 meters a walking path branches off to the right, take that path.
The last third of the walk above the cliffs will be most interesting. Partly close to the edge you will have fantastic views on the shore beneath you.
On the very last part you walk back to the parking along a hotel and tennis courts.

Walk the other way around
You could do the walk the other way around, so first walk on top of the cliffs and walk back along the shore. In that way you can stay along the shore as long as you wish and have a swim.
In that case, at the parking, walk back to the entrance of the parking, cross the street and walk into the side street. Walk along two tennis courts at your left, directly after the second court turn left where you enter a parking area of the resort. Walk until you reach the buildings and look for the start of the waymarked path that starts at the right side.
There is a red-yellow waymark painted on the sidewalk border where the footpath starts.
The path along the cliffs is waymarked.
​The last part you walk along a road. Just before the first building at the left side of the road there is a path that goes down to the shore, take that path and walk back to the parking along the shore.

Shorter version
If you can use the GPS downloads you will find waypoints of the path between the shore and cliff at Moon bay. If you use that path to walk from the shore up to the cliff, or the other way around, the walk will only be a quarter in time of the whole walk described here.

Tip: If you came all the way from North Slovenia, plan some extra time to visit the picturesque village Piran.​

Trip information
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Length: 7,3 kilometers
Height difference: 140 meters​

Parking coordinates: 45.531750,13.602694
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Waypoint of the parking (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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