Soca-First gorge

The first gorge, downstream from the bridge, May 2022
The gorge upstream from the bridge, May 2022
Also upstream from the bridge, towards the ridge, May 2022
A nice spot upstream from the brigde along the left bank, May 2022
Also upstream, towards the bridge, May 2022

Soča - First gorge - Details

This is the first gorge of the Soča, 100 meters long and up to 6 meters deep.
You can easily walk along the rocky shores of the riverbed along both sides.
There are many of spots to sit and watch the rapids.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, shortly after the village Soča, there is a road to the right to Na Skali at kilometer post 11,5.  The road starts with a bridge over the Soča. The small gorge is to the left and right side of the stone bridge over the Soča.

Trip information
This is just a spot, not a walk.

Parking coordinates: 46.341528,13.684262
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Waypoint on the bridge at the first gorge (Google KML): Download
Waypoint on the bridge at the first gorge (GPX): Download

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