Soca-Rock wall at Brjeka

Rock wall at Brjeka
From the right bank, Sept 2012
Rock wall at Brjeka
From the left bank, May 2013
From the left bank, upstream, May 2013
In the nice little gorge, May 2019

Soča - Rock wall at Brjeka - Details

This is a nice circular walk. The path to the Soča runs through meadows and then down to the Soča. On the way back you walk along the Soča and then back through an attractive little gorge.
The surroundings of the big rock are beautiful, a nice place to sit and relax. There also is a suspension bridge to the other bank of the Soča. In German this is called the Frauenschlucker because kayakers that hit the rock can easily flip.

This walk was modified in Augut 2019 to walk the other way around which is nicer.

From here you can easily walk to the Third gorge (8 minutes) or the confluence with the Koritnica (20 minutes). See the Soča trail (Soška pot) page.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, along the road in Kal Koritnica, park at the spot where there are parking lots opposite on both sides of the road, some 50 meters after kilometer post 20,5. This is where a strip of trees between the meadows on the right side of the road come closest to the road.

During the walk
From the parking, there is a dirt road directly next to the main road along the right side, in direction of Kranjska Gora, walk that road. It rises a little above the main road. Stay along the road when you pass a memorial. After 130 meters the dirt road turns to the right, away from the road.
The dirt road becomes a footpath and the grass is nicely mowed by the farmers to direct you along the meadow to the edge of the forest. Follow the red-white dots that will lead you down to the riverbed, you will arrive at the big rock.
To walk back to Kal Koritnica don’t take the path straight up along the rock where you came from but the path a little to the left with the wooden signpost with B1b to Brjeka.
You will soon reach a meadow, just cross it straight ahead with the meadow at your right hand, the footpath continues through the woods.
​About 600 meters after the meadow you cross the end of a little gorge with the path B5a that branches off to the right to Kal Koritnica. Take that path to the right. Now you will walk back through a very nice little gorge along a dry riverbed. The path through the gorge gently rises to almost back at the parking.

Trip information
Duration: 35 minutes
Length: 2,3 kilometers
Height difference: 60 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.336250,13.581889
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