Soca-Soca trail

Soča trail
At the suspension bridge of the third gorge, Sept 2012
At the Second gorge, Sept 2012
On the suspension bridge to Kamp Soča, May 2014
Bunkerji with low water, from the suspension bridge, Sept 2012
Between Bunkerji and the Third gorge, May 2016
Third Soča gorge
At the Third gorge, Sept.2012
At the rock wall at Brjeka, May 2009
At the confluence with the Koritnica, May 2009

Soča trail (Soška pot) extracts - Details

Walking along the Soča is possible from its source in Trenta till at least the confluence with the Koritnica near Bovec. On this page you will find just a part of this trail along some of the most interesting locations that you can all find on the Soča river page of this website.
The trail links together four of the locations mentioned on this site, the Second gorge, Bunkerji, the Third gorge and the Rock wall at Brjeka. It then continues to the confluence of the Soča and Koritnica. You can do the whole walk or just a part of it.
To walk only a part, use the information on the corresponding location page to find how to get there.
You can see this page as a guide for possible walks.


Notes about the trip information
Because you can choose to do only a part or do the whole trail, the trip information for the parts is only ONE-WAY, so not to destination and back as everywhere else on this site.
So please double the distance and time if you would like to walk only one part. You can find the grand totals of this walk at the bottom of this page.
Height differences are not mentioned since they are negligible. For the whole walk it will be about 100 meters but you will hardly notice it.
The gpx download doesn’t contain date/time values. I had to remove them to be able to link several track pieces together.

How to get there
The starting point for the whole walk is the Second Soča gorge.
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, little over 500 meters after the crossroad to the right to Lepena there is a parking at kilometer post 14,0.

From the Second gorge to Bunkerji
Don’t cross the suspension bridge but walk down to the rocky plateau next to the bridge. Then walk to the right downstream until you find another (smaller) bridge of metal and concrete crossing the Soča. Cross that bridge and directly turn right and walk along the river on a narrow path. This path goes close to the gorge and is most interesting, though it may be a little tricky at places (the GPS track uses this path).
As an alternative, after crossing the metal bridge you can first follow the main path straight ahead, then turn right shortly after to follow another path that follows the river more higher along the slope, first through woods, later on the path comes close to the river.
In both cases you will reach a more rocky part of the left bank. Continue on the rocky part, you will find back the path a little later when it continues through the woods.
You reach the crossroad to the Lepena valley, turn left on that road. You will walk on that road that follows the left bank of the river for about 900 meters. First you pass Kamp Soča on the right at the other side of the Soča (there is a suspension bridge), later Kamp Klin on the left and right side.
After a bend to the left, cross the Lepenjica over a concrete bridge. After the bridge, turn right and follow the Soška pot sighns. Shortly after you will meet the Soča again where the Lepenjica joins the Soča.
A little later the walk goes through grassland alternated with woods for about 1,4 kilometer after which you reach Bunkerji. A little excursion: Just before the suspension bridge over the Soča there is a path to the left uphill to the place where the name of this area comes from, a first World War bunker complex. Don’t forget your flashlight.

Trip information (one-way)
Duration: 54 minutes
Length: 3,5 kilometers

From Bunkerji to the Third gorge
At Bunkerji you cross the Soča via the suspension bridge, then turn left and continue the walk along the right bank of the Soča, on a path between the river and the road. Most of the time you won’t notice the road, walking pleasantly in the tiny woods between the two. Along the way you will pass a nice point where the Soča is quite narrow, with rapids and rocks. There is a waypoint of that point in the waypoints download.
About 600 meters before reaching the Third gorge, you pass a bigger suspension bridge over the Soča, from there on you have to walk along the road since there is no ongoing path through the woods. After a wile you pass the parking on the right side of the road that we use for the Third gorge. Shortly after the parking lot is the start of the guardrail along the left side of the road.
Just before the guardrail, go down left into the woods, after 20 meters turn right and follow the path. Short before the start of the gorge is a huge hole, created by high water in the winter of 2009/2010 and expanded in November 2012. It is best to go around it on the left side, close to the river.
You will end up on the rocky shore of the gorge and you can walk along the gorge to the suspension bridge.

Trip information (one-way)
Duration: 48 minutes
Length: 2,7 kilometers

From the Third gorge to the Rock wall at Brjeka
At the Third gorge, cross the suspension bridge to reach the left side of the river, then turn right. After 10 to 15 meters walk up to the left to a gravel road. Turn left and walk along that road for about 100 meters until you see a wooden signpost and a forest road branching off to the right downward (this forest road was new in 2016). Take that forest road.
A few minutes later at another wooden signpost leave the forest road and turn right to Brjeka. This last part is a footpath again and within a minute you will arrive at the suspension bridge that leads to the rock wall.

Trip information (one-way)
Duration: 8 minutes
Length: 400 meters

From the Rock wall at Brjeka to the Confluence with the Koritnica
After you crossed the Soča via the suspension bridge you are on the right side of the river again. Don’t take the path straight up along the rock but the path a little to the left with the wooden signpost with B1b to Brjeka.
You will soon reach a meadow, just cross it straight ahead. About 600 meters after the meadow you cross the end of a little gorge with the path B5a that branches off to the right to Kal Koritnica.
Turn left and stay along the river. A little after that there is another suspension bridge (there is a waypoint of that bridge in the waypoints download). Don’t use the bridge but stay on the right bank.
Six minutes after that bridge you will reach the confluence. The track continues a little along the Koritnica to show a suspension bridge over the Koritnica to campsites and a possibility to walk to Bovec.

Trip information (one-way)
Duration: 20 minutes
Length: 1,4 kilometers

Total trip information (from the Second gorge to the confluence and back)
Duration: 4 hours and 20 minutes
Length: 16 kilometers
Height difference: 100 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.340833,13.650667
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Waypoint of the parking and points of interest along the way (Google KML): Download
Waypoint of the parking and points of interest along the way (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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