Soča source
The source, June 2011
An easy rocky part of the path, May 2017
View into the Zadnja Trenta valley, May 2017
Soča source
Close to the source, June 2011
At the source, viewing back, May 2017

Soča - Source - Details

This is a short but very nice walk to the karst spring of the Soča river. If you are in the neighborhood and love the Soča you must have seen its birthplace at least once.

Be aware
People with vertigo can have trouble on the last part. The last 30 meters of the path runs along an abyss of up to 8 meters or so. I have seen people going back, not willing to walk on. You can still have a nice walk and have a good impression without walking this last part.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, past the village Trenta, at the second hairpin bend (number 49) of the Vršič pass road, turn left. Drive about 1,3 kilometers to the lodge Koča pri izviru Soče and park there.

During the walk
Walk along the lodge, the path starts at the other end of it. It is well way marked with red-white dots.
Short after the wooden bridge over the Soca at the beginning there is a y junction, choose the left path to stay closer to the river. Not far from the destination there are red signs pointing to a viewing point to the left, the path to the source (Izvir) continues to the right.
The last 30 meters you will walk along a ledge, sometimes 20 cm wide, sometimes just cut out steps, along an abyss. Well secured with cables to hold on, but someone with vertigo can feel very insecure.

Trip information
Duration: 30 minutes
Length: 850 meters
Height difference: 80 meters

Parking coordinates: 46.409260,13.725559
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Waypoints of the parking and the source (Google KML): Download
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