Soca-Third gorge

Third Soča gorge
The first half, viewing upstream, May 2010
Third Soča gorge
The second half, viewing downstream, May 2005
The exit of the gorge, May 2013

Soča - Third gorge - Details

The third gorge is 150 meters long and up to 8 meters deep. It has a suspension bridge crossing the river. The whole gorge can be overseen, nice to watch kayakers.

From here you can easily walk to the Rock wall at Brjeka (8 minutes).
See the Soča trail (Soška pot) page.

How to get there
On the road from Bovec to Kranjska Gora, some 700 meters after the village Kal Koritnica you see a wooden building, the Golobar ropeway. You could park there, but this small parking place is also used by all the kayaking and rafting people who have to unload their gear. After the ropeway building and after a left turn, then another 300 meters, there is a parking lot on the opposite (left) side of the road.
Since we always use that parking lot, I will describe the walk from there.

During the walk
After parking, walk back in the direction of Bovec on the opposite side of the road until short before the start of the guardrail along the road. Go down in the woods and follow the path between the road and the river. Sometimes there is more than one path, but you will arrive at the entrance of the gorge. Short before the start of the gorge is a huge hole, created by high water in the winter of 2009/2010 and expanded in November 2012. It is best to go around it on the left side, close to the river. You will end up on the rocky shore and you can walk up along the gorge to the suspension bridge.

Another spot to see – Golobar (exit of the gorge)
From the parking lot described before, you can also walk along the road all the way to the Golobar ropeway wooden building. This is actually called Golobar by the wild water sports enthusiasts as a starting point because the third gorge is often difficult for kayakers and cannot be used with rafts. You can walk down to the river (about 30 meters lower) and see the exit of the third gorge. You cannot reach this point directly from the gorge.

Trip information
Duration: 15 minutes
Length: 700 meters
Height difference: negligible

Parking coordinates: 46.334305,13.595500
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Waypoints of the parking and the third gorge (Google KML): Download
Waypoints of the parking and the third gorge (GPX): Download
Track of the walk (Google KML): Download
Track of the walk (GPX): Download

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